What Our Clients Say

“I was rear ended on the freeway. Paul handled my case from start to finish. Did a great job. Many attorneys say that they will personally call you back. He actually did each and every time that I needed him.

I highly recommend that if injured in an accident, he’s your first call. I’m getting no endorsement fee for this recommendation. He’s a top notch attorney. My words came straight from the heart. I appreciate all that you did for me.”

Gerald S.


“They work so very hard to get the best out of whatever they are working with. They have our best interest at heart. Accounting really does work magic when it comes down to it.

This is the second case that The Paul Powell Law Firm has worked on for me and even when they weren’t finished and I needed a car, they got me the funds. They are great.”

Korey Grim


“So far they have been incredible. We couldn’t have gone to a better attorney. The staff is always pleasant to work with and the medical team they refer you to is amazing. The Paul Powell Law Firm team is beside us every step of the way.”

Ginger P.


“I was in a rear end accident and signing up with The Paul Powell Law Firm has been one of the best decisions for me. The staff genuinely cares for their clients and tried their best to assist in whatever I needed. The communication was on point from beginning to end.

I never had a problem with getting my questions answered or trying to get a hold of someone in the office as updates were always provided to me whenever I asked. My treatment was taken into consideration and I was impressed of how often I was getting calls just to check up and see how I was doing/feeling. I didn’t have to do much except get better.”

Altricia Q.


“I absolutely adore this law firm! They are thorough, caring, and amazing! The other thing that makes this law firm stand out is their dedication to the community. From giveaways, to back to school supply drives and haircuts, this teacher is definitely rating The Paul Powell Law Firm A+!”

Kristen W.


“All of the people here were helpful when I asked questions, emailed or called. I felt I was taken care of. I feel the way I was treated is how I would want my family to be taken care of.”

Tyler B.


“I was recently injured in a car accident here in Las Vegas. Mr. Powell and his associates have been so helpful in my situation. They came to my house because I couldn’t drive my car because of the damage to my vehicle.

They called me almost every day to see if I was okay and he has the very best staff to answer any questions you may have. I just wanted to let other people in the Las Vegas area who have legal questions they are involved in to call Mr. Powell. You will be happy you did.”

Raymond A.


“Paul is a great person. I like how he cared genuinely about my injuries and put my well-being first before anything. I was never worried about medical expenses, which was great! I only had to worry about getting better.

I am very satisfied with my outcome and I have recommended him to my family and friends because of that. Amazing, professional and honest people, so thank you.”

Edmond J.